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Mobile Marketing: The Future

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Published: Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mobile Marketing: The Future

As the use of mobile devices compared to computers are on the rise for consumers, many real estate companies are considering using mobile marketing to their advantage. Although most baby boomers (45+ years old) are more likely to use computers compared to their Gen Y (18-24 years old) counter-parts, the mobile marketing trend is growing rapidly as smart phones are becoming more dominant for both personal and business use.

Because real estate professionals think short-term as well as long-term, marketing to the next generation of real estate investors and buyers (in this case, Gen Yer), would be a great investment for today and for the future. Because mobile marketing is becoming known as the "the future," most expanding real estate businesses should cease the opportunity. By consumers being able to text/SMS and have mobile web browsing at the tips of their fingers, it is easy to advertise, sell, market, and inform your potential customers about your real estate company.

Mobile marketing is the future, and now is a great time to become a part of a rapidly growing industry-smart phones. These devices have changed the scene when it comes to finding and selling real estate. Although it takes extra work and money to hire a programmer to code your website to be more "mobile friendly," the transition from being strictly computer based to mobile will prove to be one of the greatest decisions for real estate businesses' marketing strategy.

More great information on mobile marketing and other tactics in this article:  http://bit.ly/vPNTrO

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