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Getting a Good Real Estate Good Deal in Los Angeles and Orange County

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Published: Wednesday, July 20, 2011

After our marketing team worked on a Buyers & Sellers Referral Bonus Special (a creative way to incentivize customers in this - let's face it - soft market), an article emerged about how to reach our customers' social circles, in order to help them spread the word about our absolutely amazing real estate services (not to brag, or anything!).  So we're assured that we're giving our customers some good sweeteners, as a form of gratitude.


The Inman article reveals a few points of concern we'd like to share with you about today's market, and it focuses around the fact that buyers believe they're going to get an incredible deal on a distressed property.  The truth is that these situations are few and far between.  We're just being honest.


That is, even if a homeowner short sells their property, it doesn't mean the buyer gets a "good deal."  Most of the time, it just means that if you need to sell your home in a hurry, and you bought it in 2006, you're probably going to take a loss because you have to sell at market value today. 


Real value derives from buying a home with enduring qualities - prestige of the community, location within the community, amenities of the community, schools, view from the home (of the ocean or golf course, perhaps), and many more.  These properties will always be in high demand, and thus their values will always be in tact.  But the "deal" comes from the opportunity cost that is negotiated for enjoying the quality of life provided by the home and its surroundings.


We'd love to chat about this topic more, but it's infinite and rather personal, and we like to save all our most delicious tidbits - like our Short List of "deals" around Los Angeles and Orange County.   You're most welcome to call one of our agents to continue the conversation. 

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